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One Click AliExpress Downloader

“AliSave – Download AliExpress Images & Videos” Google Chrome Extension able to download product description, images and videos in ONE click with the best quality possible!

Look, we know that eCommerce business owners “wear a lot of hats”, when it comes to daily administrative work to keep their shop running. It’s important to find tools that help to make tedious and time-consuming tasks easier, so you can focus on growing your business.

How to download AliExpress images & videos?

This guide will teach you how to download AliExpress images and videos directly to your computer. To do so, we make AliSave – Download AliExpress Images & Videos. Its simple and easy to use.

AliExpress is an online shopping marketplace where users can find thousands of products from hundreds of thousands of sellers and shops worldwide. If you’re a new entrepreneur in the world of ecommerce, you probably want to have a simple tool that will let you download images and videos for your store.

Our application is exactly what you need. It's an easy to use tool that will allow you to download AliExpress all the product descriptions, images and videos in single click, for free.

1. Click on the install button to get the AliSave
2. Google Chrome Extension.
3. Open an AliExpress product page.
4. Click on the download button.
...........Start downloading!

AliSave is a free Chrome Extension that enables you to quickly downloads description and images from AliExpress, including product videos!

With this Extension, you can download as many images and videos as you need to populate your dropshipping store.

Enjoy. Images and Videos are saved to your computer!

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